Bombu Nature and the Climate Crisis

The internet is ablaze with naysayers regarding the climate crisis protests. Some folks seem to think of those protesting in the Extinction Rebellion as easy to dismiss because they’re hypocrites in one way or aother. Yes, we are all hypocrites in one way or another. Right now my wife and I are more car dependentContinue reading “Bombu Nature and the Climate Crisis”

Green Space as a Pure Land

I just came across a Facebook post from WYPR (Baltimore’s public radio station), about re-imagining the city’s Inner Harbor. I noticed that and in the comments there are people wishing to see the area turned into green space. There is much to like about urban living but, in my time at Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon neighborhood,Continue reading “Green Space as a Pure Land”

Practicing Alone (Or Am I?)

In a week, I will be holding Jeweled Tree’s first live service on Youtube. Frankly, I’m a little nervous because I’m not sure if anyone will show up. I’ve been in this situation before when I held services at First Unitarian Church of Baltimore. At that time, it was helpful to remember my late friendContinue reading “Practicing Alone (Or Am I?)”

The Pain Behind the Anger

A few days ago, I was part of an interfaith prayer walk for drug addiction awareness. The experience was quite nice, however, at the beginning of the walk, something unexpected happened. Someone noticed our group and was not happy to see us. As they pulled their car up to the intersection where we were standing,Continue reading “The Pain Behind the Anger”

The Pure Land Outside My Window

A few years ago, I traveled to the UK to spend time with the sangha of Amida Mandala Buddhist Temple. I was warmly welcomed by Satyavani and Kaspalita, the priests who run the temple, and quickly made friends with the rest of its community. The location was equally welcoming. Amida Mandala sits on the sideContinue reading “The Pure Land Outside My Window”