The Love of the Buddhas

The Buddhas need no reason to love me. They don’t consider my faith. They don’t consider my practice. They don’t consider my morality. They don’t consider my foolishness. They don’t consider my Buddha-nature. They just love me. It’s a love that depends on nothing. A love that springs forth Without justification. Like flowers raining fromContinue reading “The Love of the Buddhas”

A Dharma Glimpse – Ti Sarana

This is a dharma glimpse that I originallyed presented on 5/24/2020 as a participant in the Lay Ministry Program of the Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism. This month marks two years since I participated in a Ti Sarana Confirmation Ceremony with a Bright Dawn Lay Minister, Levi Shinyo Sensei. I initially stumbled upon SenseiContinue reading “A Dharma Glimpse – Ti Sarana”

A Brief Thought on Oneness

Throughout countless streams of Buddhism, spiritual practice and secular society in general, there persists an inclination that all are one, all is the same. At times, this leads to the desire for folks to repress whatever they may feel sets them apart as themselves, instead opting for a stone-faced demeanor out of the desire forContinue reading “A Brief Thought on Oneness”