Gratitude and Cherry Tomatoes

Since practicing social distancing, I’ve been thinking more about my solitary retreat at Amida Mandala. My first post was about part of that experience, where, during a 48 hour period, I stayed in one room (with occasional outings to the back garden) and chanted the nembutsu. I had very little contact with anyone except Rev.Continue reading “Gratitude and Cherry Tomatoes”

Happy Birthday to the Buddha!

According to many Japanese traditions, today, April 8th, is the Buddha Shakyamuni’s birthday. Happy birthday to the Buddha! Often, I look at my little statue that represents him and feel the jagged parts of me soften. His teachings have slowly sunk into the depths of my spirit, often bubbling up when my bombu nature startsContinue reading “Happy Birthday to the Buddha!”

COVID 19 and Compassion

With the COVID 19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, many people have had to make hard choices and major changes. Right now, I’m thinking of those people. The Kucchivikara-vatthu of the Pali Cannon discusses a particular incident when the Buddha and Ananda came upon a monk who was sick. Now at that time a certain monk was sickContinue reading “COVID 19 and Compassion”