Racism, Exceptionalism, and the Demise of the Sakyans

The Buddha came from the oligarchic republic of the Sakyan people. This state was actually the vassal of the larger and more powerful Kingdom of Kosala. Though subjugated under Kosala, the Sakyans proudly enjoyed the honor and privileges of being of a higher caste than the Kosala King Pasenadi. In order to increase his prestige,Continue reading “Racism, Exceptionalism, and the Demise of the Sakyans”

State Violence and Karma

Karma (intentional action) is not always easy to write about. I, as an ordinary person, don’t know the full extent of the result of karma. However, there are very concrete examples being demonstrated in the consequences of state violence. On Monday, George Floyd, a black man from Minneapolis was killed by Derek Chauvin, a whiteContinue reading “State Violence and Karma”

The Love of the Buddhas

The Buddhas need no reason to love me. They don’t consider my faith. They don’t consider my practice. They don’t consider my morality. They don’t consider my foolishness. They don’t consider my Buddha-nature. They just love me. It’s a love that depends on nothing. A love that springs forth Without justification. Like flowers raining fromContinue reading “The Love of the Buddhas”