Jeweled Tree focuses on Buddhist spirituality and practice, exploring creative ways to share the Dharma. Posts and streams are currently the work of Johnathan Robertson and Tommy (Manyo) Bradshaw.

Johnathan Robertson

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An aspirant in the tradition of Amida Shu, Johnathan writes about his experiences in Buddhist practice. Over the course of five years, he has practiced in both the Zen and Pureland traditions of Buddhism. He has also lead Buddhist services at First Unitarian Church of Baltimore and taught meditation and mindfulness at the Tuerk House, a drug rehabilitation center.

Today, he is working to build a Buddhist community in Hagerstown Maryland while pursuing a Communications degree at University of Maryland Global Capmus. He is also a volunteer at Hospice of Washington County.

Tommy (Manyo) Bradshaw

Tommy (Manyo) Bradshaw is a content contributor for Jeweled Tree. A practitioner with the Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism, he participated in a Ti Sarana Confirmation (Refuge) ceremony with Bright Dawn in mid 2018 after becoming acquainted with a local Lay Minister and has continued studying with the organization since, having held a deep interest in Buddhism for a number of years. Tommy is currently participating in Bright Dawn’s Lay Ministry program and holds a deep appreciation for the presentation and application of the dharma in everyday life as taught by Rev. Gyomay Kubose, the organization’s namesake, and his son, Rev. Koyo Kubose, the founder of the organization.

Tommy continues to maintain a firm grounding in Christianity, having been raised in the Roman Catholic Church. After a number of years of spiritual searching, he stumbled upon the Independent Catholic movement and was ordained to the priesthood in 2015. Tommy has previously facilitated a house church congregation and continues to offer Christian liturgies, services and pastoral care as requested. Tommy is a professed member of the Order of Augustinians of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and serves as the community’s Vocations Director.

Tommy currently resides in Hagerstown, MD where he is working with Johnathan to build a Buddhist community. He holds employment as a School Bus Driver and is working to finish a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Religion with American Public University.

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