A Little Change

Dear Readers,

As far as posts go, today marks one year of Jeweled Tree!

Writing this blog has been a wonderful practice of journaling my thoughts. In the last year, I’ve pulled some Dharma from bits of experience, pop culture, current events, literature, and ancient texts. I’m grateful that Tommy joined me back in the Fall of 2019 and added his Dharma glimpses to the blog.

After this post, I’ll being going on something similar to a hiatus. I feel I’ve said what I wanted to say so far. You will still see something from me every now and then, but not at the frequency and form I’ve been currently maintaining. Look forward to posts from Tommy and be ready for the possibility of another announcement in the future. We will also continue to hold services at 7:30 om EST every Monday. For more information on that, feel free to contact us!

Again, thanks to those who have been reading regularly here. I’m glad I’ve had an audience to share my ideas with. May you all be well.

Namo Amida Bu,


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