Put Your Heart Into It

“There is no secret about calling upon the sacred name except that we put our heart into the act, in the conviction that we shall be born into the Land of Perfect Bliss.” (Honen the Buddhist Saint, 2006)

Bleeding Heart, Ornamental Plant, Garden, Spring

In the Dharma, intention is important. It colors a particular action, giving it a certain quality. For example, if one gives a gift begrudgingly, the quality of the action is said to be inferior to one who gives with faith.

The same goes for saying the Name. If I say the nembutsu carelessly, then my heart isn’t in the act and so I more easily turn back to all those things that bother me. But if I say the nembutsu with heart and faith then I find ease, joy, or even just some significant respite from this samsaric world.

I would like to note that, whether one can put their heart into an act or can’t (for human reasons), it’s all still wholesome. In the end, a good action is still a good action. But if one can, even every once in a while, call the Name with all that they are, they’ll find quite a blessing.

Namo Amida Bu


Honen the Buddhist Saint: Essential Writings and Official Biography (2006) World Wisdom Inc.

Image from Pixabay

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