Happy Birthday to the Buddha!

According to many Japanese traditions, today, April 8th, is the Buddha Shakyamuni’s birthday. Happy birthday to the Buddha!

Often, I look at my little statue that represents him and feel the jagged parts of me soften. His teachings have slowly sunk into the depths of my spirit, often bubbling up when my bombu nature starts getting the best of me.

Events – Urban Dharma

The Blessed One is never far. Shakyamuni once said to one of his disciples, Vakkali, that if one sees the Dharma then one sees the Buddha.

When I look outside I see the Dharma. When I look at the candle burning in the shrine, I see the Dharma. When I feel my breath rise and fall, I see the Dharma. It is my world. And so is Buddha.

How fortunate I am!

Namo Buddhaya

Image from udharmanc.com

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