Simple Faith And Simple Love

An Amidist faith is simple. In my experience, such a faith is free from any dependence upon conditions.

I have, at times, had faith in many things. However, it had to be reasonable. I would spend much of my time trying to think up a reason to have faith in something by having proof. That type of faith is dependent of conditions.

Bodhi Leaf, Pipal Leaf, Green Leaf

Simple faith arises from a simple love. The Buddhas send their love to all beings. This is a love that, according to Dharmavidya in his essay Emptiness, “signifies nothingness.” The Buddhas’ acts of love are not dependent on anything. They do it for nothing. Spiritual love is based on shunyata. In other words, the Buddhas simply love.

When a person turns to the love of the Buddhas, they can experience its simplicity. They are changed by it and eventually learn to love in the same way. When such a love arises in a person, it changes their faith. Eventually, one’s faith is dependent on nothing at all.

Namo Amida Bu

Image from Pixabay

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