Mindfulness of Chocolate

Earlier this morning (February 2, 2020) I attended the local Unitarian Universalist congregation where I am a member. I had the opportunity to participate in a meditative practice which left me with a takeaway that I’d like to share with those who check out our blog.

At the beginning of this practice we were invited to each take a piece of chocolate from a basket that was passed around the congregation, being asked to not eat it until directed to do so. Next, we were asked to unwrap our chocolate and to study it – examining its wrapper, its shape, its aroma and other aspects relating to it. A few moments later we were invited to take a tiny nibble from the piece without, allowing it to melt in our mouths without biting into it, being prompted to watch for any emotions or memories that may arise in our bodies and minds. Within a few minutes we had navigated through the guided meditation and were invited to finish our chocolates. I found myself quite moved by this practice, ushering in childhood memories that I ended up associating with chocolate.

How often do we rush through our food that is placed in front of us, neglecting to even fully take in the taste? When we consume with a sense of mindfulness in the manner found in meditations like this one, we can experience not only a greater sense of satisfaction for the food we eat but also a greater insight into how it connects us to everything else that makes up who we are as humans. Consider inviting a greater sense of stillness, of mindfulness into a food or drink item you will consume in the near future and find if it brings you to a similar sense of awe.

In Oneness

Public Domain image by Anna Langova .

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